Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres

The Passion

Our families have been established since 1830 in this precious terroir.

Family generations have handed us 9.5 hectares of a single holding around the building, the property is passed from woman to woman since 1830.

Our more modern approach to the job allows us to optimize the work and to do more meticulous work on our vines, during our winemaking.


Our Vines Thrive on the gentle, sunny slopes of the terraces of heavy mud-soaked clays and "iron scum" from the last Quaternary glaciations.

Our first Pomerol is raised in oak barrels from the forests of Allier and French forests for 18 months: it is very important to marry his wine well with the know-how of the Cooper.
Finally our wine is bottled at the property for our and especially your greatest pleasure.

Our field

The Harvest

The Harvest Are done by hand each year to get the best out of our clusters. We harvest at the plot to be able to obtain the maturity of the desired grape and master the maturity of each parcel.

The history of our wine

Family generations have handed over 9.5 hectares of a single one around the building,
The property is being transplaced from woman to woman since 1830.
Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres

Our Wines

The wine is raised in French oak barrels between 18 and 24 months in a cellar by controlling the percentage of humidity.

Our domain is located on the name Pomerol.

Our Pomerol is for us, our work, the transmission of a know-how for 180 years.

We rule 9 hectares 15.
Our soil consists of crushed flints, rolled pebbles, silty layers, humectiques clays, and deeper we find the grave mingling with iron grime.
Our vines are between 40 and 60 years old. The recipe is long and lasts a year.