A family property

Our Passion

The soil

Family generations have sent us 9.15 hectares of a single holding, with the geological exception that is Pomerol.

Our vines thrive on the gentle sunny slopes of the terraces of graves. It is mixed with moistening clays and "iron scum", which are the result of the last glaciations of the Quaternary.

A family property

Family Property Pomerol

Our families have been established since 1830 in this precious terroir.

In fact, the family generations handed us 9.5 hectares of one holding around the building. The property is thus transplaced from woman to woman, since 1830.

Since 2014, Mr. De Pedro has taken a step back on the property, keeping a watchful eye on what is being done there. It leaves the new generation Marianne de Pedro and Yash Gregori Continue to produce this sweet nectar that is the castle enclosures high Mazeyres with the rigor and the necessary know-how. This brings innovation and development, in the continuity of what Mr. and Mrs. Pedro did.

Our more modern approach to the job allows us to optimize the work
And to do a more meticulous work on our vines, during our winemaking.