Our passion

The land

The family generations have handed down 9.15 hectares in one piece, with the geological exception of Pomerol.

Our vines thrive on the gentle sunny slopes of the gravel terraces. They are mixed with moistening clays and "crasse de fer", which come from the last ice ages of the quaternary period.

Chateau Enclos Haut Mazeyres

A family property

Our families have been established in this precious land since 1830.

Indeed, the family generations have passed on 9.5 hectares in one piece around the building. The property has been passed down from woman to woman since 1830.

Since 2014, De Pedro has taken a step back from the property, keeping a close eye on what is being done there. He is leaving the next generation Marianne de Pedro and Yoann Gregori continue to produce the sweet nectar that is Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres with the necessary rigour and know-how.

This one brings innovation and development, in the continuity of what Mr. and Mrs. de Pedro have done.


Heritage 1830

The Héritage 1830, a prestige cuvée, is made from the old vines of the property which are located on the upper part of the property, the sunniest part.

Fermentation takes place in barrels for 3 weeks with temperature control, we make our entire wine in French oak barrels.



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Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres

Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres is our first wine, it represents our idea of elegance, a silk dress on a velvet leg.

A lightly woody, fruity wine, a pleasure for those who love gustatory pleasures.


Château Hermitage Mazeyres 

Château Hermitage Mazeyres is our second wine: it also represents our idea of elegance, and is made from the blends of the other vats in the harvest. All year round we strive to respect the plant and the fruit, in order to bring in the healthiest harvest possible to our winery.


Upper Mazeyres

Product available for sale soon.

Our more modern approach to the business allows us to optimize the work and to do a more meticulous job on our vines, during our vinification.

Come and visit our estate

Near Libourne (25 min from Bordeaux and 10 min from Saint Emilion), come and visit our estate in the fabulous Pomerol appellation, and learn about our entire process, from the vine to the wine.

Duration: 1h-1h30.