The Vineyard

Our tradition

The culture

Tradition has allowed us to balance our plantations between 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Pressac.
Cabernet Franc

We preserve the authenticity of our terroir by discarding the use of herbicides and additives foreign to the terroir. Indeed we work under our vine feet mechanically and we also work our soils mechanically.

We also have on the Property Some sixty trees and some hedges, which allow us to nest the birds. These birds eat some pests of the vine and thus reduce the number of our treatments of the Pomerol vineyard.

Château Enclos Haut Mazeyres

The team

Mr. and Mrs. De Pedro

They have developed a quality wine throughout their lives but since 2014 they have taken a great deal of recoil. Mr de Pedro keeps a watchful eye and expert on what is being done on the property.

Marianne de Pedro and Yash Gregori

Marianne and Yash now manage the property by preserving the prior know-how and bringing the fresh wind necessary to make the estate evolve.

Philippe Lecomte

Philippe Lecomte

Cellar Master

Philippe Lecomte is the master of Chai and also the head of culture of the vineyard.